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The Entrepreneur Within You – Entrepreneurship Ideas

Entrepreneurship Ideas

 It was never my aspiration to start a business but when this question was posed to me: “What do you have in your hands that you can give back to the world?”, I knew what I had to do. I absolutely had to make my business, The Digital Factory, into more than just a thought that may be forgotten, I had to make it a legacy that will one day be left to the world with my entrepreneurship ideas.

In 2012

my business was incubated for nine months in the RLabs Innovation Incubator and Accelerator (Innovia). In this nine months I learnt so much about entrepreneurship and how to become a successful entrepreneur (even though I did not have an entrepreneurial mindset. In the Innovia there were seven other businesses and we became like a family, a community of budding entrepreneurs who gave each other support and shared ideas. The encouragement and motivation that I received from my fellow incubatees was invaluable.

In October of 2012

my business was launched and since then the most challenging part of entrepreneurship is being by myself. I still have support but I now have to keep myself motivated. I must admit, it has been a difficult few months since the launch of  The Digital Factory and I know that it won’t get any easier. I now facilitate two entrepreneurship courses within the RLabs Academy and I’ve found that imparting the knowledge that I gained in my nine months of incubation has not only given me great joy but it has also helped me put certain factors into perspective. I have been forced to critically examine my own shortcomings and how they can be compensated. I now have the immense pleasure of mentoring other inspiring entrepreneurs and seeing their growth. My greatest wish is that someone had told me long ago of how rewarding it is to be one’s own boss.


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