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Brainstorming Ideas To Do Social Good Through Technology

Over this past few years people have invested lots of time in me. You might wonder why, but it is a simple answer. Taking time out to help and being there for people is the best feeling ever. Doing good is always something I look out for. Saturday morning I was at the RLabs academy co-facilitating the entrepreneurship class with Marlon Parker. This is a great opportunity to give back what l have learnt over the past few years. This week we did the  business model canvas. It was exciting to see how how business ideas are coming together and lots of fun that goes with it.
Something else that excited me is soccer. I am  playing the beautiful  game for more than 20 years. Soccer is one of those things that relaxes my mind and locks me into a positive frame of mind. After the entrepreneurship class I went to the field where we played our first pre-season match of the year.
As my passion increases to do good for my community, I have been brainstorming ideas to do social good through technology. The end product will reach our children that can’t afford a soccer ball or a pair of soccer boots and I want to capture local soccer stories from our communities.

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